Suzie’s Litter 2014

Wallace -Christmas 2016

Wallace – August 2016

(nearly 2 years)

wally 5 wally6

Harvey – April 2016

harvey1 harvey2Pups in their new forever homes

Hopefully, these first few nights where pups are suffering some separation anxiety will pass without too much sleeplessness. Of course, when you consider that the puppies are used to sleeping with seven other litter mates, it is rather strange to have to be brave and sleep on your own. The litter blanket may help in some cases however, it will all pass soon.

I will move this page under past litters in the next few days, and will post and photos from the litter here too.


wallace 1 wallace 2 wallace4

Closing weeks

This Saturday, 1st November is the date that most of our puppies are going to their new homes. For the first few nights, puppies will take some time to settle into their new homes as it is quite different from living with seven other litter mates and having their great mum, Suzie around. There is a small part of the litter bedding that new owners will receive to help with the new sleeping arrangements. Just place it with the new bedding and before long it can be discarded.

Toileting will be different too, as they have had close proximity to grass but they all have had training from an early age onto newspaper to help with the transition. So it goes without saying, that there will be little mistakes from time to time, until they learn the new routine.

Immediately after a sleep, puppies will need to toilet and if you become attuned to this, new owners can begin to anticipate the time before it actually occurs. Training notes are provided in the folder which all new owners will receive.

Week 7

The puppies are photographed in my sewing box this week. It has helped to contain them just longer enough for some photos. New puppy families will know what I mean when they start to photograph next weekend. Puppies received another bath this week and will receive their last worming just before delivery next weekend. Puppy weights for today have also been posted.

barryw71 barryw72 bertyw7 bertyw71 bluebirdw7 fluffyw71 fluyffyw72 georgiew7 georgiew72 pinklw71 pinklw72 rainbw71 rainbw72 textw72 textw71

Week 6

All puppies have had their vaccinations and health check this week and we are very happy to announce that all puppies are deemed healthy and ready for travel from week 8. Only one more week for puppies to wean themselves from mother’s milk. Micro-chipping has been carried out this week and all puppies will have another bath time during the week.

Regular worming has been carried out each fortnight with Drontal suspension and I will give one more worming just prior to 1st November.

Puppies are playing and spending more time in and around the garden and lawn as the weather has been warmer. They enjoy playing of their outside bed and having fun with toys and little pot plant containers.

Last photos this weekend.

Extra Photos

Tex Text

IMG_6549 IMG_6554


Pink Leaves

IMG_6570 IMG_6574


IMG_6590 IMG_6593

Blue Bird

IMG_6611 IMG_6612

Fluffy Fish

IMG_6615 IMG_6620


Berty Beatle

IMG_6627 IMG_6631


Georgie Grapes

IMG_6632 IMG_6639

Barry Blush

IMG_6650 IMG_6648


Week 6

Puppies are motoring along and starting to ramp up the pace in their running. It is proving very hard to take photos and videos and I apologize for the puppies who skip off quickly from the camera. The website has some updated images for this week.

All puppies are enjoying playing and exploring and really enjoy getting involved with people. They are so alert now and it is hard to walk away from them. Suzie is restricting their feeding to ease the transition to the change of diet. All are feeding well with the regime at 3 feeds a day with dry food available to them at all times.



Weight Guide

The latest week 5 photos have been posted to the website. Unfortunately, a restriction of only 2 mB has been placed on photos uploaded and as most of the photos taken are larger than that. The weigh guide has been updated this week and all puppies are doing very well with the transition onto solids. A good variety of food is being introduced and at this stage we are making sure the food is cut small enough for puppies to handle. They are also starting to enjoy playtime with various toys getting a work out.

Bath Time

The photos this week are after their first bath and they all look adorable in the curly and wavy coat that has appeared. Some have a little remaining moisture on them in the photos and may appear a little darker than usual. The supplementary diet is going well and they are all gaining weigh with this transition. Photos on the website are being updated and the video upload should happen soon.


Puppies are starting on solids this week and are taking to it with fervour. So far, they have enjoyed cooked chicken, mince beef both cooked and raw. Soon I will be adding some carrot, rice and pasta to their cooked food. In addition they have had fresh warm rabbit which they really enjoy. I will provide a list of food suggestions soon. Suzie is still feeding them as well and they are just learning to lap some water. As they are a good size, I will provide some egg and milk in the next few weeks. Dogs enjoy eggs and eggs help puppies maintain a healthy coat.

Week 4 Photo Updates

It is getting harder to photograph the puppies as they are really starting to move around now. They are getting more confidence on their feet and starting to play with each other; biting each other’s tails with pretend growls and all sorts of playful things are developing.barry berty bluebird fluffy fish georgie pinkleaves rainbow txt



YouTube Video

Check out the Week 3 videos from the Recent Posts on the left of the page!!


Puppy weigh in for week 3 has been recorded and all puppies are doing extremely well. As mentioned, they are more mobile, just getting themselves off the floor and putting one foot in front of the other. Still sleeping most of the time, but their awake time is increasing each day.

Weight Guide

Gender Puppy Identification Name Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Male Barry Blush 430  840 1100  1430  1740  2100  2380
Tex Text 469  718  1200  1450  1800  2100  2550
Fluffy Fish 465  920  1210  1460  1770  2000  2390
Berty Beatle 472  790  1130  1330  1680  1900  2250
George Grapes 340  690  960  1250  1530  1800  2250
Female Rainbow 335 630 950  1100  1350  1650  1800
Blue Bird 330  710  1030  1230  1500  1800  2200
Pink Leaves 310 550 900  1070  1300  1500  1700

Three weeks of age

Puppies are now three weeks of age and moving off the nest to relieve themselves. They are still wobbly on their little legs and don’t move off too far. All puppies have found their forever homes and I look forward to making the transition from their birthplace to the new homes an easy one. Individual photos on the website.

Congratulations to the new puppy owners!!

Group Photos taken 25 September

Some puppies have some white on their noses. Rest assured all puppies will have black noses by the time they are eight weeks of age.

Girls: Pink Leaves, Rainbow, Blue Bird

IMG_6182 IMG_6184

Boys Georgie Grapes, Berty Beatle, Barry Blush

IMG_6248 IMG_6243

Boys Fluffy Fish, Tex Text

IMG_6253 IMG_6255

Group Photos taken 23 September

Girls (l to r) Rainbow, Blue Bird, Pink Leaves

IMG_6101[1] IMG_6102[1] IMG_6104[1]

Boys – group 1 (Georgie Grapes, Barry Blush, Berty Beatle)

IMG_6112[1] IMG_6121[1] IMG_6111[1]

Group 2 (Tex Text, Fluffy Fish = they moved around)

IMG_6125[1] IMG_6133[1] IMG_6128[1]


Litter Photos at 2 weeks and 2 days. Notice that newspaper is close to the nest so that the pups are learning at a young age to go to it to relieve themselves.




Week 2 Weight Guide figures available. See below

It is very clear that it is getting harder to do any other jobs other than care for the puppies. They are literally growing before your eyes and nearly two weeks of age tomorrow. Here are some gender photos:

The girls …

IMG_6067[1] IMG_6069[1]

The boys….. Note the difference sunlight makes to the colour of the coat. All have very similar colouring.

IMG_6070[1] IMG_6071[1]

Can you count eight little puppies in this nest 18th September?


The much anticipated litter of Suzie a registered purebred King Charles Cavalier Blenheim colouring with the sire (father) is a pure bred toy Apricot Poodle whelped on Saturday 6th September.

She has brought into the world 8 puppies, 5 males and 3 females. They are all doing well and Suzie is being an excellent mother feeding and attending to her puppies constantly in these first few important weeks.
Suzie has been feeding her puppies so well that they are making amazing progress for the past 10 days.

IMG_6014[1] IMG_6020[1] IMG_6021[1]

IMG_6013[1] IMG_6011[1]

IMG_5993[1] IMG_5992[1]


Our Cavoodles have a soft low-shedding coat of a chestnut colour with some with varying white  markings. These puppies will be ready to go to their new forever homes vaccinated, fully Vet checked, micro-chipped and regularly wormed every 2 weeks in the first few weeks of November. Our puppies have been raised in our family home. We have a specialised room with a newly designed whelping box, wood heater, and access to grass. Each pup will come with its own puppy pack including all the necessary documentation and a part of the litter blanket.

If you are interested in a puppy from this litter, contact the breeder directly. See the website for photos of the parents.