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YouTube Videos for current litter

Male Puppies

The little male puppies are first up with their first video appearance. Interestingly, for the first time, a couple of them are just starting to open their eyes. Having the sun beaming down on them whilst recording may have had something to do with it.

Can you identify our four male puppies?

Celtic Green Check, Floral Green Bunches, Gold Flick Green, Leaved Pattern Green.

Male Puppies

Female Puppies

Again, a couple of puppies just starting to open eyes. Tummies are full, so not a lot of movement around the pad.

Can you identify our four female puppies?

Dark Maroon, Flowered Gold Pattern, Wildflower Red Pattern, Patterned Gold

Female Puppies


YouTube For Week 6

The weather has been delightful and puppies are enjoying the warm sun and play times. The puppies are less reliant on mothers’ milk but still enjoy it if they can latch on. Suzie has started to wean them however, it is a slow process over the next two weeks. Hope you enjoy the quick video.



YouTube Video Week 5

Puppies are running everywhere and it was necessary to wait for them to tire before videoing. Hope to improve on this in the future.


Hope you enjoy this weeks look at the puppies.