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Puppy Updates

We have many interesting guests that stay at our FarmStay and who enjoy seeing and getting involved with our farm life. Here are a couple of photos that guests have sent to me. I am including the photos here, so that you can see that our doggies are out and about with us.



Below are some beautiful photos of Angie (2012 mating of Lilly & Wildee), aged 4 months.




Very similar to our beloved Annie from Lilly’s first litter of cavoodles in 2012.


Puppy Updates

Still no news of any litters for 2014, however, announcements will be posted when more is known. Please keep checking the blog.

So nice to hear about how puppies are going in their new homes. Below are some photos from the litters from the latter part of 2013.


royal  royal2 

Royal  ( mating of Suzie and Wildee 2013) approx 7 months old here.


image   image  image

Willow just at 5 months of age with some photos of before and after a coat trim. ( mating of Lilly and Wildee 2013). Thank you Carly and Mandy for the awesome photos of your beloved puppies.


Puppy Updates

Thank you to Olivia and her family for sharing some updates of their puppy “Hudson” who has just rolled over his first birthday. He looks so happy, healthy and delightful.






Puppy Updates–Suzie July 2013

So glad to hear about puppies and their progress and development.  Here is another shining star, Parsley who has recently topped Puppy PreSchool in Annandale, Sydney. Thank you for sharing your photos.

Parsley 3 months

Parsley 3 months


Parsley 4 months

Parsley 4 months


Parsley 4.5 months

Parsley 4.5 months


Parsley 5 months

Parsley 5 months


Parsley 6 months

Parsley 6 months

Puppies all settled into their new Homes

Lilly is a little lost this week still seeking out her puppies just wondering where they are. However, on the upside, she is putting on weight and catching up on some well earned rest. Lilly has many hours of sleep and solitude to catch up on.

Thank you to everyone who have kept me updated on how their new family members have settled. So pleased that all is going well and that they are doing the ‘right thing”. I had a long conversation with them and reminded them about their toileting habits but it is all so different in a new place, so I expect there will be some ‘accidents’ from time to time.


more dog 007   the dog 002

Milly – white ribbon looking at ease in her new home in Queensland


Matilda – pink ribbon

??     ooo

Angie – cream ribbon catching up on her rest in her new home in Sydney.

IMG_0272   IMG_0283   IMG_0286  IMG_0295


Willow – green ribbon settling in so well with other family members in Sydney. Cavoodles love cats too.

Week 8

The puppies are going through the weaning process at the moment and by the end of this week, Lilly will be on her way back to improving her weight gain. The puppies have no need for her milk now but it is so tempting for them that they are getting a little bit every so often each day. Soon, I will restrict this to only at night and then …. off to their new forever homes.

I am going to miss this litter dearly as they are beautiful puppies with glowing confidence, affection and vitality. They love playing and have enjoyed the freedom of our paved area, court yard and garden area. Deliberately, I am not taking photos this week as I build suspense for delivery day.

Toilet training is progressing satisfactorily with most going to the “area”. They are moving further and further from the nest to their release area and all are familiar with grass, newspaper and cardboard. There are sometimes mistakes but these girls will soon learn quickly when training starts at their new homes.

Puppies will be bathed and wormed on Friday this week to look their best this coming weekend.

Photo of puppies sleeping after their nightly feed tonight, Sunday 17th November.


Week 7 Update

This week puppies have again been bathed and wormed. Weight gain this week has not been as much as previous weeks and perhaps this is because they are running and exercising more. They are active now and going on short walks with me around the garden.

Blue Ribbon


Green Ribbon


Pink Ribbon


Cream Ribbon


White Ribbon


Photos taken inside as at last we are enjoying some rain. So far we have had 50 mms and the rain is beautiful!!

All puppies have passed their Vet Check today

Glad to report that all puppies have passed their Vet check today with flying colours. They also received their first vaccination and the next is due on 6th December, 2013. All such relevant information will be provided in the folder of documentation which you will receive on pick-up of your puppy.


Puppies are into full-on playtime now and they are enjoying the freedom to run and play with their litter mates. They are so much fun at this age and it is so intriguing watching them explore. Week 7 milestone clicks over tomorrow, and it is only 2 weeks until they go to their new forever homes. Please let me know if you have anymore questions about the development of your puppy, so I can cover such things through the blog beforehand.

Food, Bedding and other essentials

Cavoodle Food Guide

I am trying to introduce as much variety as I can so that your puppy will be OK with as many foods as possible.

The following:- (these are only suggestions, she will adapt to what you offer eventually)

– chicken necks cut up small (available from Coles and Woolworths) about $4 a tray will last for a while so you could freeze most and only have 1 or 2 for her

– pet mince (purple packet) also available at Coles but not Woolworths, she will only eat about a  2 tablespoons of this as it is very rich. You could freeze most and only have a small amount in the fridge or divide into small amounts wrap in gladwrap and freeze.

– beef mince, low grade, raw and cooked. This is the first food that puppies have been introduced to and all are accepting of it.

– tin dog food any brand. Again she eats only small amounts of this, maybe a tablespoon at most. This just gives a bit of variety and helps when you haven’t remembered to take something out of the freezer. A small tin only until you see what she really likes.

– puppy SuperCoat biscuits – Dr Harry – pink trim on packet. Available at supermarkets – be sure to get puppy stage for the size and higher protein.

– cooked chicken is a favourite, be sure not to feed cooked chicken bones

I have dry biscuits and water available all the time and feed the puppies by hand at first about 3 times a day – only very small amounts. Actually, they do not eat very much. You will soon find they enjoy to play more than to eat. By the time that they are at your home, 2 feeds a day ( morning and night) should be sufficient. 

Just for your interest, as we are on a property, we shoot rabbits. Your puppy has also had fresh rabbit which they love, of course.

As far as bedding is concerned, she has been using a little dog bed (pad) available from the pet shops also in Kmart, and she will have part of the blanket from the nest which I will provide.

A lead and soft toys are good also, especially the ones with a squeaker in them. A couple of plastic bowls. One for water and one for dry or wet food.

Toilet training began when they first started to leave the nest. She should go to newspaper or close to it and now that she is older she is going onto grass. This is a learning process. I have provided a lot more information and tips in the folder that I will give to you about this.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions.