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No litter for Daisy this year

It has now become obvious that Daisy is not pregnant and therefore will not producing a litter this year. Hopefully, she will cycle again around Christmas and will have her first litter next year. This is a disappointmet to us and to the many people who have enquired about her first litter. Nature has decided that she is not ready and we will all have to go with that. Please remain patient and wait for the next announcement.

Suzie however, is the size ‘of a house’ and will surely produce a good sized litter. She is keeping well and exercising every day keeping her heart rate up so that she will be fit and well for the whelping.

Our other female, Lilly is getting over her litter of eight and having some restful times. She too is exercising however, her walks are much shorter and Lilly is in need of more well earned long sleeps.

Puppy Updates

We have many interesting guests that stay at our FarmStay and who enjoy seeing and getting involved with our farm life. Here are a couple of photos that guests have sent to me. I am including the photos here, so that you can see that our doggies are out and about with us.



Below are some beautiful photos of Angie (2012 mating of Lilly & Wildee), aged 4 months.




Very similar to our beloved Annie from Lilly’s first litter of cavoodles in 2012.


Food Guide

Cavoodle Food Guide

I am trying to introduce as much variety as I can so that your puppy will be OK with as many foods as possible.

The following:- (these are only suggestions, she/he will adapt to you and what you offer eventually)

– chicken necks cut up small (available from Coles and Woolworths) about $4 a tray will last for a while so you could freeze most and only have 1 or 2 for her/him

– pet mince (purple packet) also available at Coles and Woolworths, she/he will only eat about a tablespoon of this as it is very rich. You could freeze most and only have a small amount in the fridge or divide into small amounts wrap in gladwrap and freeze.

– beef mince, low grade, raw and cooked. This is the first food that puppies have been introduced to and all are accepting of it.

– tin dog food any brand. Again she/he eats only small amounts of this, maybe a tablespoon at most. This just gives a bit of variety and helps when you haven’t remembered to take something out of the freezer. A small tin only until you see what he/she really likes.

– puppy SuperCoat biscuits – Dr Harry – pink trim on packet. Available at supermarkets – be sure to get puppy stage for the size and higher protein.

I have dry biscuits and water available all the time and feed the puppies by hand at first about 3 times a day – only very small amounts. Actually, they do not eat very much. You will soon find they enjoy to play more than to eat.

Just for your interest, as we are on a property, we shoot rabbits. Your puppy has also had fresh rabbit which they love, of course.

As far as bedding is concerned, she/he has been using a little dog bed (pad) available from the pet shops also in Kmart, and she/he will have part of the blanket from the nest which I will provide

A lead and soft toys are good also, especially the ones with a squeaker in them.

Toilet training began when they first started to leave the nest. She/he should go to newspaper or close to it and now that she/he is older she/he is going onto grass. This is a learning process. I have provided a lot more information and tips in the folder that I will give to you about this.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions