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For those of you who followed my blog in 2015, you would know that I simply referred to the puppies as ‘puppy one’, ‘puppy two’ etc. However, this year I will be doing something a little different.  I am a keen rose grower and thought why not name the little puppies after roses (for identification purposes only). That way, I can identify the puppies and you can follow each puppies progress as you please.



Charles De Gaulle- Male

Mister Lincoln- Male

Just Joey- Male

Pascali- Male

Kings Ransom- Male


Princess De Monaco- Female

Claire Rose- Female

Blue Moon- Female




Ruby + Rodger

Ruby has given birth to 8 healthy puppies, born on the 16th of September. Once again, Rodger was the one who alerted us to Ruby’s distress. We woke to loud barking and soon discovered Ruby was in labour, had was having puppies!! I sat with Ruby all through the night and watched her become a mother for the second time. Like 2015, it was a great experience and Ruby is already showing why she is a great Mum. The puppies are clean and well looked after. Further blogs to come, stay tuned!