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Puppies leaving the nest

image image image

Mya left yesterday (Monday) leaving Zadie, Molly and Winston behind. Winston will be collected today. Molly, Zadie, Ruby and Rodger will travel from Kilcoy to Oakhurst tomorrow via car. Once they arrive at Oakhurst, my Mum will care for them. On Saturday she will then drive Molly and Zadie to Heatherbrae (near Sydney). Ruby and Rodger will be staying at Oakhurst for a two weeks whilst I finalise our move to our new residence. Most people who have been to my house recently know that I am in the middle of moving…busy times ahead.

I wish all families the best. I could not be happier with the lovely families that these little darlings are going too.

And then there were four…

Today myself, Ruby and Rodger said goodbye to Dasher and Joey. The little puppies are now with their lovely new families to start a new life. It was slightly emotional but I know the puppies will be loved, cherished and well cared for.

image image image image

Winston (Puppy One) tired after a big day.image

Dasher (Puppy Three) with her new family.


Molly (Puppy Five) fell asleep in my arms.



I have fed the puppies a great variety of food over the last four weeks. Some I have blogged about and some I have not. I will make a list of the foods that the puppies really loved.

Chicken Mince, Beef Mince, Grinded up chicken necks (making sure there isn’t any small bones), VIP Puppy Roll, CHUM/Pedigree tin food and Supercoat Puppy Biscuits. I always try to incorporate biscuits into their meals to ensure the nutrition value is good.

I hope this helps, and I am sure all families are getting well prepared for the arrival of their puppy.

Week 8 Weights


Apologies for the poor quality of photo. Puppy’s turn 8 weeks old on Monday (15/02/2016). I have attended to their weights today as I will be busy on Monday.

Puppy Dasher and Puppy Joey are going of to their forever homes tomorrow, with other puppies going at the start to end of next week. Exciting times ahead for the puppies and their families.

Molly and Joey Stair Climbing


These two little cherubs were found walking up the stairs during their free time in the house today. No puppies fell and no injuries occurred. These two can successfully walk up/down the stairs. Very smart little darlings.