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Let’s Talk Worming

As the puppies and myself will be busy tomorrow venturing of to the Vets, I decided to do the puppies 6 week worm and weight today. All puppies tolerated their Drontal Suspension well.

It is very important that you keep up to date with puppy worming when your new addition arrives home.

I have wormed the puppies at 2weeks, 4weeks and 6weeks. I will worm all puppies at 8weeks before they are collected by their new families. I have used Drontal Worming Suspension.

The Puppies will require a worm at 10 weeks time and again at 12 weeks. At 12 weeks you should all be taking your puppy to the vets for their 12 week vaccinations. I recommend that at this time, you talk to your vet about Worming products that are available.

My mum and myself have used Drontal and Milbemax for our young and adult dogs and we have both been happy with these products. As your puppy gets older, suspension can be avoided and tablets can be utilised.

You should take responsibility for worming your pet. Purchase a calendar and make a note of when your puppy needs worming. A calendar is also good to note down when puppies are due for vaccinations and tick/flee prevention.

Talk to your Vet at 12 weeks about tick/flee prevention also. My adult dogs use bravecto and I have never had any issues with ticks or flees. It is a great product that has a long duration of treatment. Prior to using the Bravecto product I used Nexguard. I didn’t have a problem with this product, however Bravecto was more affordable and had a better treatment duration. I have also experimented with flee collars which resulted in Ruby having a skin reaction and a $300 vet bill. I don’t recommend flee collars.

Worming in a nutshell-

Puppies should be wormed every second week from the age of 2 weeks until they are 12 weeks old.

Puppies should then be wormed every month until they are 6 months old.

Dogs then require worming every 3 months for the duration of their life.