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Info Boards


These are my info boards. I will be updating these regularly when puppies are wormed and weighed. Owners can view this board on the 24/01/2016 at the puppy choosing day. I will be doing regular updates on this blog detailing each puppies weight and growth. Thanks, Theresa.

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These are my information boards for the puppies. Dates for worming, key features of each puppy and their sex are listed on here. I will be updating these boards when I do their weighs at Week 2, Week 4, Week 5, Week 6 and Week 8. Thanks, Theresa.

Introducing our for gorgeous Girls

image image

Here are our four little girls. They are so beautiful. Two of the girls have white spots on their heads and two don’t. One of the girls is a little smaller than the other girls but is still of good size for a one week old. They all love cuddling each other.

Introducing our two Male Puppies

imageBelow are some pictures of our two Male Puppies from Ruby’s litter. Both of these little boys are growing so well and are definitely not shy when it comes to getting a drink from Mummy.

As you can see, one has a white spot on his head and the other doesn’t.


New Years Eve Puppies








Hi All!

The puppies are growing more and more each day. It really is amazing to see how much they have grown since birth.

Ruby is very protective of her puppies and is doing a great job as a first time mum! She is eating lots and maintaining good weight.

Happy New Year Everyone. Theresa

Christmas 2015


Today we cleaned out the whelping box and the surrounding area. The puppies were temporarily located inside during this process. I could not miss the opportunity for some pictures. Enjoy! We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!image

Ruby Litter- 23/12/2015

imageimage imageToday is Wednesday and the puppies are going really well. Ruby is very attentive to her pups and rarely leaves the nest. She is getting used to the routine.

Puppies are clean, well fed and are already showing signs of physical growth. Well done Ruby!!

Puppies are moving around the nest slowly. They are often observed to be cuddling each other and engaging in a lot of yawning and stretching!!

Ruby is eating between four and five meals a day!! She is being supplemented with extra calcium and milk to help boost her supply.

Below are some pictures of the puppies.

By now all families would have been notified of they are receiving a puppy. Check the blog weekly for updates and pictures.





Ruby’s Litter 2016

imageHello Everyone.

We have some very exciting news…

Ruby has given birth to 6 puppies on the morning of the 21st of December 2016.  She went into labour around 4am and I was by her side the whole time. She did a great job for a first time Mum and is proud of her bundles of joy.

There are 4 girls and 2 boys.

I will be in contact with families in the next few days advising them of availabilities.


Thanks,  Theresa