Monthly Archives: August 2014

No litter for Daisy this year

It has now become obvious that Daisy is not pregnant and therefore will not producing a litter this year. Hopefully, she will cycle again around Christmas and will have her first litter next year. This is a disappointmet to us and to the many people who have enquired about her first litter. Nature has decided that she is not ready and we will all have to go with that. Please remain patient and wait for the next announcement.

Suzie however, is the size ‘of a house’ and will surely produce a good sized litter. She is keeping well and exercising every day keeping her heart rate up so that she will be fit and well for the whelping.

Our other female, Lilly is getting over her litter of eight and having some restful times. She too is exercising however, her walks are much shorter and Lilly is in need of more well earned long sleeps.