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Lilly and puppies progressing well

Lilly is spending just a little more time off the nest now as the little puppies are sleeping longer now as they have full bellies. She is coming in to see us, checking out the kitchen to see if there is anything of interest on offer and then back to her job of caring for her puppies. At night, Lilly finds her way into see us in the lounge and scores some well earned pats and affection, then again off to check on her puppies.


Tomorrow, I will check the gender of all the pups and make an announcement. It seems that they are feeding or sleeping whenever I go to check on them and it is not wise to disturb them when they are doing either.


IMG_4540  IMG_4541 


Can you count 8 little puppies? Do you know which is one is our special number 8?


IMG_4547  IMG_4549


In a week or so, a blog post will provide a description of the puppies. As you can see some puppies have  have some white markings.

Hope you are enjoying this special time in the first week of our puppies lives.


The whelping day was today 24th June, 2014 !!

Lilly has whelped 7 puppies today. She started showing signs early this morning and by lunch time today, all seven were born alive.

The next few days will be a telling time and hopefully all puppies will pull through. Trying not to intervene too much, but ensuring that bedding is dry and comfortable, I have had a quick look at determining the sex of the puppies. Looks like Lilly has produced 4 females and 3 males. This is the largest litter that she has produced. 

Congratulations to Lilly!! Wildee of course, is paying the litter no interest at all but is secretly missing his favourite female companion. He looks into the room trying to encourage her out, but she is steadfast and not leaving the nest at this early stage.




This photo shows her snug little nest area in the whelping box. The whelping box is in our guest bedroom which has a wood heater to warm up the room on the cold nights ahead. I will put some more  litter photos up over the weekend. The cardboard box is used to help her nest. It will be taken away in the next few days.


Not long to go for Lilly…….

Lilly is getting larger by the day and moving around for her is getting harder too. She still is going on her morning and afternoon walks although she can be found lagging behind all the other dogs. Lilly’s keeping good health and has already made her nest for the imminent whelping of her puppies. We have located her in our spare room just near our kitchen with doggy door access to the room and doggy door access to our home as well. The area where she will whelp the puppies has a wood heater and will be fired up for the next few weeks.

Only last Tuesday we had a minus 6 degrees C so it can get very cold here for everyone.


Lilly stretching on the kitchen floor trying to take the weight off her little legs and back.

Not long to go now Lilly…..

Lilly’s Pregnancy

Lilly is progressing well through this pregnancy. She enjoys time on the floor of the kitchen where she stretches and relaxes. Lilly is also enjoying her regular brushing. Also included are some photos of the other females.


car  car2 

Out and about on the farm from left to right Ralph, Lilly, Daisy and Suzie


Ralph letting Lilly know to take things easy.


Daisy enjoying her time in our Breakfast Room.


Daisy and Suzie our two females who will be joined later in 2014. All photos taken early June 2014.