Monthly Archives: February 2014

Puppy Updates

We have many interesting guests that stay at our FarmStay and who enjoy seeing and getting involved with our farm life. Here are a couple of photos that guests have sent to me. I am including the photos here, so that you can see that our doggies are out and about with us.



Below are some beautiful photos of Angie (2012 mating of Lilly & Wildee), aged 4 months.




Very similar to our beloved Annie from Lilly’s first litter of cavoodles in 2012.


Puppy Updates

Still no news of any litters for 2014, however, announcements will be posted when more is known. Please keep checking the blog.

So nice to hear about how puppies are going in their new homes. Below are some photos from the litters from the latter part of 2013.


royal  royal2 

Royal  ( mating of Suzie and Wildee 2013) approx 7 months old here.


image   image  image

Willow just at 5 months of age with some photos of before and after a coat trim. ( mating of Lilly and Wildee 2013). Thank you Carly and Mandy for the awesome photos of your beloved puppies.