2014 Lilly and Wildee’s Litter

Thembi – Easter 2017

Delivery of Puppies

It has been a real pleasure to meet so many of the new forever families from this litter. Thembi’s family arrived at our home last Friday to pick him up. On Saturday, we travelled to Heatherbrae to deliver, Caviar, Molly, Lady, Saffron and Charlie to their new families. It was a real thrill for Steve and I to meet such wonderful families who embraced their new loved one so openly and warmly. On Sunday, Celty’s family came to take him to their home. It was sad to see him go and leave our Indah on her own with us. Indah’s flight is scheduled later this week and she will have had some special time with Lilly and us to keep her in good spirits for her long journey.

Week 8

Just arrived home and the puppies are looking amazing. They are running everywhere and off exploring in the garden and spending loads of time playing. Thembi’s family is coming to collect on Friday 22nd August and Celty’s family is coming to collect on Sunday 24th, while Caviar, Barry’s puppy, Lady, Saffron and Molly are being delivered to  Heatherbrae on the M1 north of Sydney this Saturday 23rd August from 11am. Indah is spending a little more time before her journey to Adelaide. Please let me know by email or text if there are any problems. Until then……

Week 7

Some more cheery photos of our beloved puppies this week.

baz caviar celty indah lady saffron thembi molly

Week 6 – Surprise, Suprise!!

Well, many of you may not have expected this, but there are some front on photos to share of our puppies aged 6 weeks. Steve (my husband) has sent these and without editing have been placed here. Hope all the puppy preparations are going well.




Floral Green Bundles













Week 5 – Bath time!!

Video Week 5 – females.   males

Have you checked the website for the website photo? Puppy Weigh in, please scroll below. For some reason it is proving hard to move up here.

This week puppies are enjoying the warm sun during the day and getting used to grass. They have playtime and this week bath time in the middle of the day.

As many of you already know, this will be my last blog entry for awhile. Please email, if you have any further questions.

Week 5

IMG_5058 IMG_5062

IMG_5081 IMG_5097 IMG_5103 IMG_5112 IMG_5116 IMG_5128 IMG_5133 IMG_5144 IMG_5154 IMG_5159

IMG_5072 IMG_5075 IMG_5079 IMG_5081



Four Weeks Milestone –

YouTube Videos for Week 4 – Females     Males



Gold Flick Green – Male FOR SALE


Gold Flick Green – Male FOR SALE

IMG_4897 IMG_4900 IMG_4907 IMG_4904 IMG_4916 IMG_4918 IMG_4942 IMG_4945


IMG_4837 IMG_4838 IMG_4847 IMG_4843 IMG_4856 IMG_4858 IMG_4872 IMG_4878

Puppies are moving around in their whelping box now albeit in a haphazard way with puppies still gaining their balance on all four legs. Puppy snapping, pretend growls and other amusing noises are coming from all in playtime. This week saw an introduction to some supplementary feeding. Lilly is still feeding ‘on demand’ however they’re looking for something extra and new.

In the next few weeks, all manner of introductory food will be on offer to acquaint puppies with their new diets. This includes fresh and cooked beef mince, commercial prepared pet mince, wet food (eg pedigree tin food) fresh rabbit, mutton and of course what will be sure to become their favourite – chicken necks. They will also have some cooked chicken flesh as well.

They are all growing so quickly and assuming their own personalities. It is so easy to spend too much time with them as they are learning about their new environment.

Puppy Weigh in

Gender Puppy Identification Name   7th       14th      21st July  29th July
Male Celtic Green Check – 382 g      523 g     810 g 989 g     1130g
Floral Green bunches – 279g    385 g    612 g 819 g     962g
Gold Flick Green – 301 g          454 g    687 g 861 g     1030g
Leaved Pattern Green – 327g   409 g    737 g 963 g     1173g
Female Dark Maroon – 428 g               584 g    908 g 1126 g     1341g
Flowered Gold Pattern – 337 g  479 g    730 g  944 g     1105g
Wildflower Red Pattern – 337 g 508 g    764 g  976 g     1103g
Patterned Gold – 237 g            355 g    607 g  771 g     950g


Photos at 3 weeks of age!! One male puppy still available !!! Gold Flick Green

Puppies going to their new homes from 23rd August, 2014.

Photos of Gold Flick Green. Email if you would like to request more photos of him.

Next puppy weigh in on Monday 2st July.

 IMG_4796[1] IMG_4797[1]

IMG_4785[1] IMG_4786[1] IMG_4807[1] IMG_4813[1] IMG_4817[1] IMG_4820[1] Females – extra photos IMG_4771[1] IMG_4773[1] IMG_4761[1]IMG_4724[1]IMG_4733[2]IMG_4733[1] IMG_4670[1]  IMG_4724[1]

6th July, 2014

Another cold winters weekend however there has been sunshine to take the puppies out for photos. Also today, venturing into YouTube for a live glimpse of the puppies. Uploading videos is a huge challenge with a satellite internet connection as the image below verifies. Links to the photos are on the recent posts. Hope you enjoy the updates!! upload times

3rd July, 2014

Puppies are just over a week old and are going ‘gang busters’. Lilly went on a long walk today with the rest of us and she really enjoyed the exercise. At times, she must get exhausted being stretched out feeding her puppies. IMG_4562 Roll call – 8 puppies !!!   IMG_4564 Hello, what has happened? Only six can be seen, however, two are tucked under out of sight.

30th June, 2014

Puppy weigh-in today. All puppies are moving a little more now with a tummy crawl across the nest. They are all much more aware of Lilly’s comings and goings and respond excitedly when she cuddles in. Week 1 : Weights

Gender Puppy Identification Name
Male Celtic Green Check – 382 g
Floral Green bunches – 279g
Gold Flick Green – 301 g
Leaved Pattern Green – 327g
Female Dark Maroon – 428 g
Flowered Gold Pattern – 337 g
Wildflower Red Pattern – 337 g
Patterned Gold – 237 g

The wood heater is warming the room for the puppies tonight as there is a bitter wind blowing along with freezing temperatures. There are some litter photos on the recent posts found on the far left of this page.

26th June, 2014

So far, so good with all puppies with full tummies and keeping warm. This morning was so cold that I lit the wood heater and had the logs burning to take the chill out of the room. It wasn’t long and the temperature moved from a chilly minus 6 to a more comfortable 16 degrees later in the day. Lilly is taking very few short breaks from the nest and is being a super mum in these early stages. More photos of the litter over the weekend.

25th June, 2014

Lilly has whelped 8 puppies on 24th June, 2014. Yes, eight puppies. On the blog post, posted yesterday it was announced that there were seven pups. After, writing that post, I went to check Lilly and the pups before going to bed. Only to find that there was a little puppy off the nest and feeling extremely cold. At that time, I thought that I would spend the next hour with that pup holding it in the palm of hand trying to warm it up. It needed help to latch on to Lilly’s teats so it took awhile for it to warm up. It appeared to have just fallen off the nest. It wasn’t until today that we realised that there was in fact, another pup. Lilly had the pup some eight hours after the last pup (number seven) was born around midday. The little one that I held last night was in fact the new pup that wasn’t there when I took a peek to determine gender. earlier. The puppies will be weighed in about 4 or 5 days time. At the moment, they are far too young to be handled and as for our new little precious one, it is still trying to keep up. As I thought it was one of the seven last night when I was holding it to help it warm up, I didn’t take any notice of its gender. So, I will wait another day or two before handling them again to determine the final mix of gender. Lilly is eating like a horse and she is being fed beef mince and raw chicken necks along with servings of milk and egg to build up her reserves. In addition, she is getting fresh rabbit along with her dry food supplements. She is only off the nest momentarily to do her toileting. Lilly is being a great mother and doing all she can for her puppies.