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Week 5–Look out for the Curls

It was time for our first bath this week while the weather brings lots of warmth and sunshine. Most of us had a swell time in the bath. Most confident in the water were white ribbon and blue ribbon, however we all enjoyed the freshness of the water on our skin and it was sensational to see what the water did to all our coats. Out with the straight look and into the curly look, even if it is only for an hour or so afterwards. Wow!, does that water make your hair go curly. Our human Mum, Robyn gave us a real going over. Washing our tummies, cleaning out ears and shampooing in all places in between. That special shampoo just smells amazing! All our coats look fuller and wavier now and we were told that we are going to have a couple more before we go to our forever homes. It was worming time today as well. Some of us just don’t like the taste of the Drontal suspension but we have been told that it is part of growing up and while we are little, we need to have it every two weeks.


Our trip to the SSSurgery is happening soon. Week 6 we have been told to be on best behaviour. Robyn will advise you when the appointment has been made.

We were just so excited after our bath this week, that we didn’t take very good notice about performing for the video. Sorry about that. There are two very short videos featuring Lilly in the first one with cream, green and blue ribbon. The second one just has white ribbon and pink ribbon because they got side-tracked and didn’t realise that video was happening. The second video has our playmate, Daisy, in it as well. She just sits there but we do all the performing.

Filming is getting more challenging now as we are very busy running around and exploring. We have lots to learn and we find it difficult just sitting. Make sure you take notice of our happy little tails in the air. That’s how we tell human folk that we are doing ‘just fine’.


Cream, blue and green ribbon.
White and pink ribbon.

Toys for the Puppies

Puppies are on the move. They are enjoying alot more awake time and they are walking and moving around gaining mastery of their mobility. They are becoming more intrigued by their surroundings and take amusement from the smallest of things. Training onto newspaper and cardboard is in full swing and most are developing this.

Green ribbon’s new family have sent by post some beautiful toys with squeezy squeakers inside. They are beautiful. Pups are just looking at this stage but before long they will be eating into them.

Litter Photos taken on Saturday 19th October.

IMG_3781 IMG_3780 IMG_3778 IMG_3774 IMG_3773 IMG_3761 IMG_3766 IMG_3767 IMG_3774[1] IMG_3769 IMG_3755 IMG_3772 IMG_3756

Week 3 Update

Puppies are growing fast and it seems that they are changing daily. Their beautiful little eyes are starting to focus on things around them and their hearing is just so excellent as they are keen to hear their mother taking those anticipated footsteps towards the nest. Puppies are still very dependent on mother’s milk and it is the main source of their sustenance. The website has been updated and there are extra photos below which were taken outside in the garden later in the afternoon. Photos take a while with puppies moving off and it takes a while to get something decent. Hope you enjoy week 3 photos.

Cream Ribbon




White Ribbon



Blue Ribbon




Green ribbon




Pink Ribbon



October 13th Lucky for Some


It has been a day of incredible highs and lows. For me, I was awakened at 2.00 am to find the house without power. Struggling to find matches and candles, I made my way to the phone and phonebook to let the electricity company know of the outage. Actually, I couldn’t remember the name of the company that service our area because there has been so many changes, however, eventually phoned Essential Energy and reported the problem. Returned to bed but couldn’t sleep as I was continually sweating on how to get around the power issue. Fortunately, power was restored around 3.30 am and fell asleep reassured I could deal with the 6.00 am barrage. Upload of photos went without issue and I had time for a quick piece of toast and tea before 6.00am. Being ever-mindful of people wanting to go before the start time, I was pleased that there was only a couple. I sat watching the screen, and then at 6.00 the emails came in right on cue.


After about two hours, the unanswered emails were diminishing. Then, disaster struck again for the second time it seemed; lost all contact with my email and website. People left hanging, I contacted my hosting service and they reported that it was a problem with their server and it should be sorted by lunch. Well, that seemed hopeful, however, lunch time came and went without joy. Finally, I checked at 3.30pm to find the email and website restored. It wasn’t until then the many families found out for sure what they already knew, they had missed out on a new puppy.

The process of purchasing a puppy is an emotional experience filled with excitement, anticipation and hope. I would dearly like to find a way which is better but not for a moment entertaining the idea of wish lists, waiting lists, presale or anything like that. Let me know your ideas.

To all the families that missed out this litter, I am truly sorry. I knew there was a lot of interest, but did not envisage that such interest would manifest in such decisive action. I hope that you can find the cavoodle that you are looking for. We will not have any litters for awhile now.

To our new families, to take on a new family member, congratulations!! I know that you will love, care and cherish your new puppy.

Best wishes,











Enquiries from Cairns to Adelaide and many places in between!!

Many people have made enquiries about this litter and on October 13th, is the day where you can turn your puppy ownership dream into a reality. However, there are only five puppies and so some families will miss out this time. Emails received after 6.00 am are read in the order received.

For Sydney residents, please consider options for transport of your puppy as at this stage, it is impossible to know where these five beautiful puppies will find their forever home. Previously, I have tried to transport the puppies myself to Sydney, but this cannot be determined at this stage. Transport costs and arrangements are factors worthy of your consideration.


Let me know if you have anymore questions……

Only 4 sleeps to go….

Individual puppy photos scheduled for Sunday, 13th October. Puppies are starting to wriggle and move around on and off the nest. Lilly is doing a fine job and we rarely hear the puppies as they lay happy and contented. It is beautiful to see their eyes opened fully taking in their new surroundings.

Photos taken 9th October, 2013 at night under light. They were all wide awake when photo shots started and within a few minutes they were dropping off to sleep again.

Can you identify each puppy matching the descriptors from the website?


















Two weeks old–EYES WIDE OPEN

Puppies have their eyes open and enjoyed a few moments outside this afternoon. They are all progressing well and weights are now posted. Exciting times ahead as they start to take more weight on their tiny legs and move in and around the nest.


Puppy Weight measured in grams.


Puppy Ribbon Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7
Cream 370 749
Pink 353 737
White 423 864
Green 295 588
Blue 270 618



Puppies are in the shade with the sunshine on one of the puppies where you can see the beautiful chestnut colour of the puppies.



This photo shows the white markings that are described in the descriptors from the website.



Lilly is there to provide all the necessary support.



Again you can see the sunshine on the puppies to demonstrate the colour which is not so evident when photos are taken inside the whelping box situated in the house.





Puppies will get themselves into all sorts of places to get a better position.