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Cavoodle Purchasing Process for current Litter

Thank you all for your interest in purchasing a cavoodle from our next litter. I have been inundated with phone calls, emails and messages of late from interested new puppy owners.  Unfortunately, there are a large number of very interested buyers, meaning that not everyone will be blessed with a cavoodle this time. There are over 15 interested. It is simply, first come, first served.

I will be uploading photos of all puppies at a specific time and day. If you have been in contact with me and I have your email, I will send notice to you via email. I will also let everyone know through the blog as well. The link will be from the following webpage of the website (not active yet)

Please follow this process when purchasing a puppy-

1. Choose the puppy you wish to purchase once the photo becomes available

2. Send an email to outlining your name, address and the puppy of your choice. Also indicate your second and third preferences eg

  1. Female – pink ribbon
  2. Female – green ribbon
  3. Female – white ribbon

3. If you are the first person to respond for that particular puppy, then I will let you know via email my bank details IF THE PUPPY THAT YOU HAVE ELECTED IS AVAILABLE.

4. Deposit the $200 into my account. Simply send a screen snap of the receipt to my email.

5. Once this screen snap of the transfer has been made and emailed to me, I will then mark the puppy as sold to you on the website (using your first name only)

It may come down to observing the times of each email to ensure who is successful in gaining a puppy. If the situation arises that two people are interested in the same puppy, it will be the person who first makes contact with me via email on the day. 

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

I am attempting to be fair and transparent to all new puppy owners. Perhaps, the process is not ideal when selecting puppies, however thinking in terms of technology, distance and purchasing online, it is a method that works.

Kind regards,


One week old today!!

Our Lilly is doing all the right things and taking magnificent care of her five female puppies. Today, a weigh in was conducted and the pups range in weight from 270grams to 423 grams. Soon, coloured ribbons will be assigned to each pup and a description written about each. Hope you enjoy the updated photos.





Day 4 Photos

Lilly and her puppies are all doing well. Lilly isn’t getting much of a break feeding them constantly during the day and night in these early days. She has managed a walk down to the chooks a couple of times, only to busily move home when the routine was over.

Now you can see them!






Litter Whelped – 21st September 2013

It’s happened!! Lilly has whelped today 21st September, and all are doing well. It is amazing that she has had 5 females. Can’t help thinking that divine intervention has come into play, to bless new puppy owners with their choice of gender. Sorry to the people who have made enquiries for a male puppy.


There is some variation in colour amongst the pups from apricot to bold ruby/deep chestnut colour. Some also have white markings on their feet and head. Of course, handling has been limited but they are of a similar size with some a little bit smaller. Weighing will occur just before first photos in a couple of weeks so that will give you some guide as to the size.



Lilly in the whelping box last night.




Lilly and the pups enjoying some peace and quite



Birthday – 21st September, 2013



Sneak close up of the 5 puppies. Can you see all 5?

Email Update


If you are a follower of this blog and you are interested in the next litter, please let me know via email of your interest. I have actually sent interested people a recent email about this, so if you haven’t received the email, then I don’t know about you. As an ethical breeder, communication with new puppy owners is paramount, so be sure to email me. The litter is due next week and Lilly is doing fine but has slowed down eating smaller amounts more often. Wildee has not a care in the world about the expectant litter!! OH, the life of a stud dog!!



Farewell and Keep me Posted

To our new puppy families, I hope that your new member has started to settle and become not to demand too much of your time. I can vouch that they are huge time-wasters as they are so cute and playful at this age. It was hard for our daughter to say goodbye to them and here are some snaps taken last Thursday before their trip to Sydney. Please, as time permits, send us photos of their progress. Thank you once again for choosing to purchase a puppy from us.

IMG_3313[1]   IMG_3318[1]