Ruby’s Litter 2017

Close Up Pictures of the Puppies

All of the puppies are looking well. Ruby is attending to all of their needs and is really showing why she’s a great Mum. They are clean and appear well fed. I can definitely see growth in the last few days. Ruby is eating between 5-6 meals a day!! She enjoys chicken necks, fresh mince, dog biscuits and tin food. She sips on milk and water frequently. We have set up a fan in her whelping room to keep her and the puppies cool in this warm weather. Rodger and Holly are very inquisitive. I often see them sneaking into the whelping room to catch a glimpse of the puppies!




Ruby has whelped eight puppies on Sunday 17th September.

For those of you who followed my blog in 2015, you would know that I simply referred to the puppies as ‘puppy one’, ‘puppy two’ etc. However, this year I will be doing something a little different.  I am a keen rose grower and thought why not name the little puppies after roses (for identification purposes only). That way, I can identify the puppies and you can follow each puppies progress as you please.



Charles De Gaulle- Male

Mister Lincoln- Male

Just Joey- Male

Pascali- Male

Kings Ransom- Male


Princess De Monaco- Female

Claire Rose- Female

Blue Moon- Female

Ruby is Glowing

Ruby is looking beautiful. Her coat is soft and luxurious to touch. She is definitely glowing. Pregnancy looks good on her.

Ruby 2017

Hi All!!

My name is Theresa. I am Robyn’s daughter and reside on acerage just outside of Kilcoy, Queensland. Ruby, Rodger and Holly are our dogs. They are just like children to myself and my husband. We love them so much. Each dog is so different with their own unique personality. They are all so friendly and love meeting new people. Our dogs love walks, visits to ‘Oakhurst’ and most of all, cuddles on the couch whilst watching Netflix.

I look forward to sharing the progress of Ruby’s pregnancy through to the birth of her puppies with you. Ruby is a great Mum and did a sensational job with her puppies in 2015. I am sure she will be a great Mum this time around too. It is a very exciting time for us all!


Rodger – sire (toy poodle – colour red)

Ruby – dam (King Charles Cavalier – colour ruby)