Holly’s Litter 2018

Holly’s First Litter

Holly and Rodger are proud to announce the whelping of their very first litter.

Holly has had seven puppies: three females and four males on Sunday 7th January, 2018.  If you are waiting on the wait list for this litter, please reconfirm your interest in this litter by email.

Cavoodles have a soft low-shedding coat of a chesnut colour with varying white markings. These puppies will be ready to go to their new forever homes vaccinated, fully Vet checked, micro-chipped and regularly wormed every 2 weeks, on 4th March, 2018.  Each pup will come with its own puppy pack including the details mentioned and a piece of the birthing sheet.

Puppies are two weeks old….

Puppy Name Week 2 Weight Week 4 Weight Week 6 Weight Week 8 Weight
Kentucky Derby


Double Delight


First Crush


Earth Angel






Copper Queen



Puppies have turned two weeks old. See photos above. All puppies are becoming more active and are crawling around the whelping box. Most puppies eyes have now opened. All puppies were weighed and wormed yesterday. Weights will be displayed on the blog shortly.

As you can see the puppies have grown so much in the last week! Their little eyes will be opening this weekend. Formal individual photos will be completed on Sunday.

Monday Pictures

Sunday the 14th of January

Puppies are one week old today!! Week one pictures will be completed today. The puppies are still very young and hard to photograph.

The Girls…

The Boys…

Despite the heat, the puppies are very comfortable and have shown incredible growth over the last week. They are feeding well and always have full tummies. Puppies were not weighed at birth. Their first weigh will be at week two when they receive their first worming tablet.

Thursday, 11th January

Puppies have started to roll over and are becoming more active in the whelping box. They have full tummies and feeding well.

Update- Wednesday 10th January

All of the puppies are growing more and more each day. Holly continues to feed the puppies and attend to their needs. Puppies are comfortable in the climate controlled room.

The blog will be updated on a regular basis so that everyone can see updates and watch the puppies grow.  The aim is to upload photos and stories regularly to keep you informed.

As mentioned previously, Holly gave birth to seven health puppies on the morning of the 7th of January, 2018. Four males and three females. Holly is already showing that she is a great Mum. She keeps her puppies clean and is feeding them well.

Puppies are being raised in a air-conditioned whelping room. The whelping box and room is cleaned daily. Puppies receive fresh linen in their whelping box on a daily basis and additional when needed. Holly is well cared for, eating four meals a day currently. She is receiving all of her favourite foods and is on a high protein diet. Ruby and Rodger are always nearby and watching on. Ruby is definitely out of sorts and probably she misses being a Mum.

Four Males Pictured Above

The puppies have been identified this morning. The puppies are only days old and are difficult to photograph. Photographs will get better as they get older. As with Ruby’s litter, each pup will be identified with a type of rose and a picture.

Three Females Pictured Above


Puppy Descriptions


Kentucky Derby- Red Rose
Darkest of the litter- Brown
White Patches on chest
Small amount of white on chin

Double Delight- Pink and White Rose
Large White on Chest extending to abdominal area
White tip on tail
White spot on head
Small white on face

First Crush – Light Pink Rose
Large white on chest
White tip on tail
Small white on paws
White spot on head

Earth Angel – Pink and White Rose
Large white on chest V shaped
White tip on tail
White spot on head, bigger than First Crush


Friesia- Yellow Rose
White Paw Tips
White on Chest V Shaped
White Spot on Head

Icegirl- White Rose
No spot on head
Little white on chin

Copper Queen- Copper Rose
White tip on tail
White dot on head
White across chest
White neck
White paw tips